Corporate Services

With businesses embedded in a complex and changing environment, Blom Development Bank Corporate Banking aims to provide Sharia compliant financial services to our corporate and SME customers with a strong focus on their business requirements.

The sectors we cover:

We cover all Goods/merchandise financing from local and international providers. We also cover machinery and equipment importation in foreign currencies.
All kind of supplies and appliances financing can be acquired from BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK to serve your corporate needs.

For SME’s (Small and Medium size Enterprises) our Kafalat guaranteed financing facility, whether a Murabaha, Ijara or Tawarruq will boost your growth aspirations and enhance the national economy.

The services we offer

On the financing front:
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  • List of real estate properties.
  • Audited balance sheets and income statements for the past three years.
  • Statement of account with banks for the last 6 months.
  • Company’s legal documents:
    • Articles of association.
    • General Assembly minutes of meeting.
    • Commercial circular (certified copy).
    • Company’s registration request to the commercial register.
    • Copies of the identity cards or passport of the shareholders or the partner or the client.
    • Fresh commercial certificate
  • Copies of the insurance policies (if any).
  • Copies of the rent contracts (if any).
  • Feasibility study for the new projects (including market and financial studies).
  • Fresh real estate certificates for the real estate properties.
  • Other useful documents helping the study.

Trade Finance Services
Blom Development Bank offers standard services of trade financing where we issue your L/C, whether sight or deferred, at your convenience.

Our trade finance department offers you all the services you require to support and boost your trading needs.
Our portfolio of products include:
  • Import Letter of Credit.
    • Standard L/C (Without client financing)
    • Murabaha L/C (With client financing)
    • Wakala L/C (Hybrid L/C with client financing)
  • Export Letter of credit.
  • Bills of collection (B/C):
    • Standard B/C (Without client financing)
    • Murabaha B/C (With client financing)
  • Letters of guarantee.
  • Wakala: To back up your purchase needs when the deliverables are deferred in time.
Fixed assets and durable goods financing services
Blom Development Bank offers its corporate clientele the facility to finance its fixed assets needs and durable goods acquisition through various financing modalities:
  • Murabaha: involves primarily a short to medium term financing with a fixed and pre-established profit mark-up. Can be used to import machinery and equipment, appliances and apparel.
  • Ijarah Muntahia bi Tamlik: a Sharia compliant Lease-to-own facility involving a medium to longer term financing with variable profit rate benchmarked to the market. Can be mainly used for heavy equipment and machinery, trucks and industrial location acquisition. You will benefit from the tax breaks on leasing expenses while, at the same time, acquiring your financing through a fully Sharia complaint facility.
Sme Support: Kafalat
Whether you have a brilliant idea to start up your new business, or you are an already established business, BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK in cooperation with KAFALAT will help you fulfill your dream and succeed in your endeavor.
KAFALAT started serving the Islamic banking sector since 2007, guaranteeing your financed amount while enhancing your competitive cost and efficiency.
Soon, Islamic financing facilities will benefit from profit rate subsidy from the government.

On the deposit front