Deposit Accounts Portfolio

It consists of unrestricted investment accounts in US dollars according to the unrestricted Mudaraba system, whereby the depositors’ funds are mixed with the bank’s funds in all the investments, on the basis of a mudaraba where the agent is a partner in the fund while the bank is a mudarib partner. The investment period shall be 6 renewable months and the agent must comply with the maturity date.

Conditions Relating to the Opening of “THIMARI” Account
  • The account may be opened for individuals, companies, associations, institutions and legal entities (according to the documentation specified for each one separately).
  • The minimum amount required to open the account is USD 6,800.

Characteristics of “THIMARI” Account
  • Fund investment shall be according to the Islamic Sharia.
  • The agent shall obtain a receipt for the investment deposit amount.
  • The investment profits shall be deposited in the agent’s current accounts at the end of every month.
  • An option of obtaining Islamic credit cards and flexible payment cards, when opening the account.
  • Facilities in obtaining a financing through all Islamic financing methods (subject to the approval conditions).