Deposit Accounts Portfolio
Al Yassir

It consists of accounts restricted to investments with economic profit, offered by the bank every once in a while, and are subject to investment according to the restricted Mudaraba on the basis of a mudaraba where the agent is a partner in the fund while the bank is a mudarib partner.
Accounts’ revenues shall be linked to the projects and operations’ results.

Conditions Relating to the Opening of “AL YASSIR” Account
  • The account may be opened for individuals, companies, associations, institutions and legal entities (according to the documentation specified for each one separately).
  • The minimum amount required to open the account is USD 5,000 or depending on each project.

Characteristics of “Al YASSIR” Account
  • Fund investment shall be according to the Islamic Sharia.
  • The agent shall obtain a receipt for the investment deposit amount.
  • The investment profits shall be deposited in the agent’s current accounts, according to the restricted investments’ results and the agreed periods.
  • An option of obtaining Islamic credit cards and flexible payment cards, when opening the account.
  • Facilities in obtaining a financing through all Islamic financing methods (subject to the approval conditions).