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Flexi Murabaha

BLOM Development Bank provides you with the most suitable murabaha to help you finance any unexpected expenses.

You can benefit from the Flexi Murabaha to buy new furniture, household equipment, renew your car or anything else you might need. You will get a pre-approval from the bank within 48 hours of application.

What do you have to know about the Flexi Murabaha?

  • Currency: USD or LBP
  • Period: up to 7 years
  • Profit Rate:
    USD Profit Rate 8.85%
    Typical APR 17.78%
    LBP Profit Rate 14%
    Typical APR 28.47%

*The Typical APR is a unit of measurement that represents profit and any other cost imposed on the client through the Bank as a result of a product contract.

What are the conditions & guarantees to apply for the Flexi Murabaha?

  • Guarantees: mortgage, cash collateral, or personal guarantee/guarantor.
  • The Murabaha's monthly payment must not exceed 35% of your household monthly income. In case you have a house financing, your total monthly payments must not exceed 45% of your household monthly income.
  • A free life insurance covering the Murabaha amount.

How can you apply for Flexi Murabaha?

  • Pass by any of our branches and get assistance from our customer service officers.
  • Contact BLOM Development Bank's 24-hour Customer Service Center at: 01-739571.